Beignets, Bayous, Blues and Boys

Feeling a little blue over our solstian milestone, my son’s promotion to 6th grade, leaving elementary school behind. There is pride and excitement mixed in, too.

He is a rising middle schooler, rising best when left to his own devices and pace, like a perfect, delicate beignet, with a crust strong enough to support heavy drifts of powdered sugar. The slow rise builds a powerful, complex structure with plenty of open spaces.

We are born with lots of beautiful, wide-open space in our minds, vast as the deep blue sea, as open to versatility as the twelve-bar blues. Ready for embellishment, like the stretch between two slices of bread.

Bayou Bakery riffs on a Louisiana kitchen with chef David Guas commandeering the rhythm section. 

Life is delicious when encountering lunch with Heather, Paula and “Paula’s shadow”.

Where would I like this spot to be? Across the street from me! Morning, noon and night, the Bayou Bakery would lure us in, me and my shadow, who is stretching further and further from me.

How we got from then till now, I can’t recall. Most of this stretch has been at either an excruciating crawl or lightening speed. Long periods of incremental change punctuated by moments of sheer exuberance. Not a bit like a twelve bar blues.


7 responses to “Beignets, Bayous, Blues and Boys

  1. kitchensquater

    That was lovely Lisa… great mental images afoot. Figured out the blue rectangle spacers are close-ups of vintage window shutters. Sweet.

  2. Lisa Cherkasky

    Thanks, Mr. Kitchensquater!

  3. Got a gift of their pralines from one of my students, right after returning from a visit with family in New Orleans. They didn’t disappoint! (the pralines, nor the family:) Is there a muffaletta on the menu?!

  4. paula levin-alcorn

    You made me cry, Lisa – from both your beautiful prose and the pictures of those beignets which I dream about….

  5. Oh, Lisa, you made me cry, too! I feel like I’m in a terrible quandary: wanting to hold on tight, but knowing I have to let go, at least a little bit. I’m putting him (and little O) on a plane on Saturday. Gulp.
    Lovely writing. Thanks!
    And we should go get coffee sometime soon. And beignets!

  6. Lisa Cherkasky

    Thank you so much, Melissa and Paula. Wow.
    My eyes filled up at the bus stop this morning. For years, before he started school, he was so excited about riding the bus. And I have loved going to the bus stop with him. Today was our last time. Sweet and sad. He says he will not allow me to go to his HS bus stop:)

    Yes, coffee and beignets!!

    And, yes, they have a muffaletta, but they call it a Moffaletta, or something along those lines.

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