Breaking News!

It’s what’s inside that counts.

The bread must be sturdy enough to secure the filling, of course. The same could be said for Fast Gourmet and for my friend Reuben. The insides and the outsides.

It feels good to walk on 14th Street. As I stood at the meter rattling my coin purse,  a stranger offered me a quarter. Hello! I’m home.

Reuben has recovered from a broken hand and is sandwich ready. Lisa ready. You never know when I might make a lunge for your sandwich and you’ll need both hands for a tug-of-war.

Can you believe it? Yes you can. This is inside the “Tiger Mart” that is Fast Gourmet. You gotta open the little box to see the ballerina spin.

The clock has been ticking on my #Hipper-Than-Thou card and I’ve been under threat of loosing my membership for months. The #urbanchic #bucketlist for #DC2011 includes #FastGourmet. You haven’t been? BlEEEEP! #Delete!! Whew, I slithered in at the 11th hour. Happily, they serve till #11:59.

They have a chivito on the menu. Order it and take the tiger by the tail.

Hubba hubba!

No matter the insides, no harm in a handsome package. 

Reuben’s Milanese was turbo charge and top-charred. 

Everything about this hip, hot, concrete spot attracts me. Pavement, secrecy, chivitos, Sympathy for the Devil remix (Reuben said so. The rhythm track was not original.), treasures that are not precious. Irresistible allure.

Always on the lookout for an overlooked treasure, Fast Gourmet had me at hola.


6 responses to “ReubenExpressQuestEsque

  1. 7th Hill, now Fast Gourmet? I eagerly await Reuben Jackson’s sandwich poetry cycle.

  2. Me too. I wonder if he needs more material??

  3. kitchensquater

    Great post Lisa – love the murky aquamarine of the images, tweaked though they may be. The synergy between your thoughts, words, deeds and images is dang near visceral. Carry on…

  4. Lisa Cherkasky

    Thanks, Mr Kitchensquater. I appreciate the encouragement very much. Visceral is me. That’s why I blog…

  5. Lisa, you are not yet 20 in that pic above. Another great post, as always.

  6. Amazing how those effects take the years off:) Thanks Ms Kasey!

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