In the Heat of the Moment Shameless Self Promotion

It’s hot hot hot out beyond the hum of the AC. Lemon, basil, zucchini ribbons, cold-roast-chicken, on can-we-bear-to-fire-up-the-toaster bread. Press that bread down down down to the red hot coils and flee the premises. Apply cool compresses to your neck and forehead before assembling your sandwich.

Photo by Renee Comet
Styling by Summer Chicken Cherkasky

Recipe and other pertinent stuff here.

Eat chicken
all the live long year.

Great goodness to the Little Red Hen, I am hotter than a hen party in Hades from all this hunt and pecking. Gotta go soak my beak in an ice bath.


4 responses to “In the Heat of the Moment Shameless Self Promotion

  1. MMMMMM, looks and sounds fantastically delicious. And the ice bath sounds like a good idea, too!

  2. Adds new meaning to the concept of a roaster.
    Wash down with cucumber-infused vodka over ice. Ahhhh.

  3. kitchensquater

    Great looking ‘wich Summer chickasky and beautiful photo as ever Ms. Comet. I have spare zucchini I need to use so this will be the inspiration. Cooler, drier weather on the way! Ditto on the cuke infused libation.

  4. cucumber infused vodka over ice with a tiny splash of vermouth, served in a cucumber cup!

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