Just in from Fundamentally-Hip Brooklynite Mick, who is British by birth:

FYI, I felt compelled that you should know:

Sandwich in cockney is


1. Named after Reg Varney
as in, “Oi! Fetch me a Bacon Reg!”

Cockney slang has gone thru an update in recent years to adjust to modern times.

2. Named after Giorgio Armani
as in ,”Oi! Fetch me a Bacon Giorgio!”
or, “Just poppin out for a Giorgio!”.

the story of mick, as told to me by mick

Born in the blue collar suburb of Romford East London,  Mick’s upbringing was surrounded by music similar to that in the Detroit landscape. (The Ford motor plant was in nearby Dagenham). From early days of listening to Bill Haley “Rock around the Clock” to the punk rock explosion.

Accent is a blend of Essex and cockney/east London. Which means cockney “lite”.

Now lets talk sarnies:

Up to early teens:
Cheddar Cheese and tomato with Branston pickle on white. MMMMMmmmmmm
Cheddar Cheese and tomato with mayo on white.

Late teens:
Cheddar Cheese and raw onion on white with mayo.

A year of health food:
Multi grain with cheddar cheese (no rennet) and Branston pickle

Early twenties come to NYC and to the sarnie mecca. Would stare at the deli sandwich board, so many choices and huge portions to match, the absolute opposite of england.

A move to lettuce, tomato, ham and swiss, on whole wheat…

…until JB gives me The Ultimate Gastronomic Experience.

A Meatball sandwich on 7 grain.
A perfect balance of meatball and sauce. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

How is teddy’s porcupine hairdo?


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