Please Don’t Call Me Cookie

Debbie Wahl,  shared this sandwich picture-story with me,which was featured in olive magazine.

Debbie is a food stylist and friend. Hooray! Stylist friends are few and far between for me, not like cook friends, who I can count on the hands and feet of myself and a biggish tribe. Stylists often work on their own. Or rather, they are the only “food professional” in the room. It can be lonely, for me anyway. I miss – after all these millions of years – working with cooks, and talking shop with cooks.

“Do you watch the Food Network?”, is something I am asked  often. Uh…no. If I am  not feeling lonely for the camaraderie of cooks, the Food Network will make me so.

Count your blessings that there is not an entire TV station devoted to your profession.  Or rather, devoted to an absurdly skewed, fluffed, puffed and buffed version of your profession. You too could learn to be disgusted by your work. Thank you broadcast television.

I apologize, from the deepest, darkest, sweetest chasm of my soul, for the contributions I have made to the celebritization of food. Some of it – the celebritization, not my contributions – has been and is good.

It is nice for chefs to stand in the sunshine sometimes.  I know, too, not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, or to 86 the celebrity chef with the sour stock. Some of them are smart, and irreverent, and have a talent for…cooking. Thanks to those who throw a respectable spotlight on the rest of us poor slobs. Heaven knows, it’s no fun  to be seen as a greasy-aproned servant.

olive is the stylish, monthly magazine for food lovers who enjoy cooking, eating out and foodie travel. We aim to show you how to eat imaginatively and well without spending a fortune. In every issue you’ll find 100+ easy recipes, great-value restaurants and bargain travel ideas and recipes from around the world.


Kinda like the looks of this magazine and think that the name “olive” daringly narrows possible subscribers. “Foodie travel” turns me off. Course I cringe at the word foodie. Would you like it if “ie” were the ending for the name of your profession?


One response to “Please Don’t Call Me Cookie

  1. Agreed. I also cringe at the word, “foodie.” Just sounds icky and dumb for some reason.

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