Jim, If I Had My Life to Live Over…

…I’d live over a deli.

Frank Rogers wrote it in 1978.

Do ya think this boy heard him? I would venture a guess at yes. Customize and survive.

If you’re gonna live above a deli, it won’t be here in Arlington, VA. Nosirree, Boris. Mixed use is forbidden* and delis do not exist. Not a proper deli at which a person could shake a salami. As far as living above a store goes, we like to keep things clean, conventional and zoned. It’s a double edged slicer.

Could we think a bit more out of the (big) box (store), people?

Like I said, when I rule the universe, there will be a corner store at every intersection – adjacent to a tavern, a deli in every neighborhood, and it’ll be a crazy, mixed up, exciting world to be in.

*Other than on major thoroughfares. I’ll give ’em that…

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