Boast Poast # 1

Maybe if I spent more time boasting and less time, uh, uh, uh, squinting over this laptop that is never on my lap cause I never sit anywhere other than my desk, I might make the kind of money that would make me think I could afford a monitor big enough to capture the image you see below – if you take the time to look – all at once, rather than in two parts.
Renee and I think we are artists because we haul a lot of stuff around and we have ruled out the possibility that we are in the construction business. By the way, I know that this image from Renee’s email BLAST relates peripherally to sandwiches, and peripherally only, but peripherally is good enough for me, in fact it is better than dead center. The periphery is where things get interesting and unpredictable and surprising. Spin me around and let centrifical force take me to the edge.


3 responses to “Boast Poast # 1

  1. Yes, many things get more dynamic and exciting at the fringes. Edges are called “edges” perhaps partly for that observation. LC – you are deeper, eccentric and much edgier than I first thought, but well grounded at some core, which makes all these scatological rants gel and make some twisted sense…
    Thanks for throwing it all out there and peering over the edge so often.

  2. Beg pardon, did you really mean scatological? Heavens to Helsinki, I hope not.

    As for the edge part, you know that the pull of gravity is stronger at the edge of the roof, right?

    I do peer over, but only when someone is holding my hand…

  3. I was referencing the free-form jazz scat singing thang, ala Ella Fitzgerald, not the animal droppings… sorry not to make that distinction. Ouch.

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