The Days Can Be Interminable and the Years a Mere Blink

Disclaimer: I should not be blogging on the morning after Halloween.

Hel-lo! This is All Hallow’s Day and I must have morphed to weremother. Trick-or-treating brought out the worst in my son this morning, which brought out the worst in me. Off to shave my knuckles just as soon as I finish typing.

Three cups of coffee, a bit of huffing and puffing, and some soul searching on why I wanted to be a mother in the first place, brought up this:

Teddy spotted it in the grocery store last week. A flash of pride went off in my body. BING! He is brilliant, and observant, and funny, and eager to make me laugh. And he remembers my sandwich preoccupation.

And there was that comment last night, as I demolished my Scrabble opponent, “I take after you, mom, in Scrabble.” Last night I wanted him to take after me. This morning? Not so much.

Aaah, much better now. Maybe I’ll wait till he gets home from school and we can take the silver bullet together.


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