Well Enough Left Alone

One of my favorite Onion headlines: “Local Girlfriend Wants to Do Stuff”.

Local wife, Suits-Herself-Cindy, turned me on to American Seafood.

This cute and disheveled older man runs the shop. He is the owner, actually, with his wife, who makes the key lime pies. It mostly operatesas a seafood store (not restaurant), but he serves dinner a few nights a week. Basically, he will cook ANY fish for you. I get the feeling that you could just walk into the shop and say “I’d like that piece,” and he’d cook it up for you.Then you can get fries and slaw or vegetables and rice. (ADORE the lack of choices). The vegetables (summer squash and green beans) came from his garden!!! So sweet.And, boy, he can cook a piece of fish. The grouper I had was by far the best fish I have had in a long time. The owner hustles around in a cheerful but low key way and makes sure everyone is happy. AND you bring your own beer/wine.They have a variety of fish sandwiches for lunch. We should go.
Here is a link if you want to investigate: http://www.yelp.com/biz/america-seafood-corp-arlington
So we went. Here here to BYOB and “lack of choices”.

I had been having restaurant phobia. It is a phenomenon where I basically don’t like any restaurant. They all either seem overpriced or not quite good enough or too fussy (I didn’t want anything seared or crusted or glazed or …you know). Does this ever happen to you? American Seafood Corp was the perfect answer.

I’m tired of restaurants, too. Poor me, like the school boy in the New Yorker cartoon circa 1979. Peeling open his sandwich in the lunch room, brown bag on the table, he says, “Not pâté again.” Poor me, I eat out too much. Too many choices. My brain is tired.

Taking one bowl and one spoon and moving to the country.

Here here is American Seafood. For when this local girlfriend wants to do stuff.


4 responses to “Well Enough Left Alone

  1. This place looks great. Let’s go, local girlfriend!

  2. Let’s go! BYOB rootbeer, girlie!

  3. We ate there over the summer, sort of a VA Friday night fish fry. Sat outside with our beers, the one other patron didn’t seem to mind Wren wandering between the tables and the food was tasty. It’s not cheap but considering the ecological state of seafood it should probably cost even more. Glad you checked it out and enjoyed yourself!

  4. We need to all go back when the weather is warm again. Would be the perfect place to launch a weekend!

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