You Know You Can See My House From Here

Just a loaf’s throw away.

Sauca has opened around the corner. Hallelujah.

Eamonn’s is opening on the Pike! You read it here second. With a broader menu than the Old Town location. I’m kinda excited about the opening of Eamonn’s. Critical mass has not yet arrived on the Columbia Pike commercial strip. Still big patches of blistering parking lots, 80’s era car dealerships, check cashing joints, and mattress emporiums.

Living here in Arlington – Arlingtonian’s love it, and rightly so – I have always been conflicted, and have been making an effort to keep my conflicts in suspension.

Now we’ve got Eamonn’s and Sauca as anchor stores on the Pike.This is good news. Even for a skeptic like me. After 20 years living in Arlington, I still don’t get it. A county with no town.  And this is not rural. It feels like a case of No there there. Or, You can’t get there from here. At best, it is geographically awkward.

And “Pike”.  I can’t warm to a main street we call The Pike. I’m tryin’. I swear. For Pike’s sake, I’m tryin’. Thinking nice thoughts about the trolley. Getting fuzzy over the brick sidewalks. Throwing kisses to the knock-kneed baby treelets as I gun it and swerve around a metrobus.

Anyhoo, Sauca on the Pike is a coup. Thanks be to sandwiches.

There’s a Sauca where the diner used to be, and it’s eye-poppingly adorable.
Farhad Assari, the proprietor of Sauca, comfortably walks the tightrope between friendly and overbearing. What a pleasure to be meeted and greeted by Farhad and his easy charisma.
Melissa went with me and was game for whatever.
We loved the place – from orange spinning stools, to delivery scooters, to sparkly staff.  Sauca’s motto is “Eat the World”, which sounds kinda dirty to me, but that’s okay. 
Melissa has a thing about crumbs. She does not like them. Sauca’s griddled flatbreads keep their crumbs to themselves. Phew.And on a pretty day, a person can eat outside under the space agey awning thingy.

Arlington is ok.


2 responses to “You Know You Can See My House From Here

  1. We love having Sauca in the neighborhood and you characterized Farhad just right. Also, I’m hoping now that they are open for breakfast, Arlington will finally have someplace to go other than a diner for a weekend morning meal. I’ll call/text/email some Sat. am to see if you can join us 🙂

  2. Definitely let me know when you go. We’d love to join you!

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