Opportunity Cost

SUNdeVICH is intriguing.  I wanted to go there, but hadn’t had a chance, or made the chance. Then, *bing*, a Living Social coupon lit up my screen, and I was catalyzed. I apologize sincerely for needing a coupon to ignite initiative.Anyway, I had this Living Social coupon for SUNdeVICH, and was excited to go there. Simultaneously, I felt embarrassed to soak a small business with a twofer sandwich deal.On the other hand, a coupon will propel a person across town to save a buck. On the way, serendipity is guaranteed to occur.  A small event to remind a girl that the world is out there, full tilt, and she’s got to jump in.

I pondered my fix and set some personal ground rules.

1. Bear in mind that the merchant receives only 30% of the value of the coupon. That 30% might cover the food cost and not a whole lot more. Maybe less.
2. Don’t visit during peak hours. If you show up during a quieter time, you count as way better than nothin’, rather than  a wrench in the spokes. A discount wrench.
3.Be generous. Spend more than the coupon. If we’re gonna make slaw, everyone has to peel a little cabbage.
4. Tip on  what the total would have been without the coupon. This is absolutely imperative.
5. If you are happy, go again. Pay full price. Tell your friends. Spread the word.
A word to the wise, once your coupon has expired, do not despair. Little known fact: that coupon retains its face value. Go! Same rules apply.
My friend Peter, who met me at SUNdeVICH, is a fantastic pastry chef and always game for dessert. Hooray, we had both!I loved SUNdeVICH. The space is utterly charming, down a beautiful, broad, urban alley. Secret seeming, beguiling and enticing. The sandwiches were topnotch, the choices neither too wide nor too narrow. Superb bread, excellent filling-to-bread ratio. SUNdeVICH does not offer coffee or tea, a parameter I respect. Go! Look for me there.


4 responses to “Opportunity Cost

  1. Is the name of this place a play on “sonuvabitch”? Just wondering…

  2. That’s a darn good question. I don’t know what’s up with that name!

  3. I saw on YouTube/Voice of America that it’s a play on “sandwich” spoken with a foreign accent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M4krxq6pz0&feature=player_embedded I’m excited to try this place.

  4. Cool. Thanks, Cheryl! Funny.
    When you go, let me know what you think.

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