Supposably Orientated Towards the Heroizing of Manliestness

Someone used the word “heroizing” on me this week. Twice. This would not get by a  sharp-eyed gardener (watch her pluck those cabbage worms), editor (lay? lie? laid? she’s on it), writer (need proof? look here), or eclipper like The Sublime Miss M.

She spots it for me, sandwich stuff, fascinating odd bits that I follow down the electronic sidewalk, nose aquiver (speaking of words that look made up).

Heroizing does, however, seem mighty applicable. I’ll give you that. Take, for example, the

Macho, Macho Sandwich

Macho, macho sandwich: Primanti Bros. named ‘manliest’ in U.S.
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

By China Millman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Primanti Bros. has beaten out 8 other regional finalists for the title of the “Manliest Restaurant in America,” awarded by Men’s Health magazine and featured in the December issue on newsstands now.

On Nov. 30, the Travel Channel’s “Food Paradise” will feature the contest and explore what makes Primanti Bros. and the other regional finalists so “guy-friendly.”

And, I ask you, where are you gonna go with your manwich? Where can you simply bask in your bad heroizing selfness? Look no further.  The Manshed


One response to “Supposably Orientated Towards the Heroizing of Manliestness

  1. Donna Belleson Orientated?
    November 30 at 8:24pm · Like
    Lisa Cherkasky Supposably?
    November 30 at 8:34pm · Like

    Alan Bloom Don’t misunderestimate disorientatedness!
    November 30 at 8:38pm · Like

    Kate Brett Lewis irregardless
    November 30 at 8:39pm · Like

    Donna Belleson ‎… well, that’s a whole nother thing (this one could be unique to Central PA)
    November 30 at 8:44pm · Like

    Dorothy Thomas Steck I think it started around the time they started naming everything after Ronald Reagan…
    December 1 at 12:32am · Unlike · 1

    Saul Goldberg Botched language use? Don’t EVEN get me started…
    December 1 at 7:51am · Like

    Tiera Humphries Bonnefond It drives me crazy when “troops” is used to talk about individuals in the service. I can be a member of a troop, but not a troop on my own. Websters defines troop as a group of soldiers. Aarghh!
    December 1 at 10:21am · Like

    Donna Belleson I like the idea of people freely expressing themselves. There is something liberating about not always needing to be grammatically correct. That’s how new words and ideas are sometimes formed. I love words like Colbert’s, “truthiness”. The word-making process works a bit like art… someone important must endorse it before it is accepted as being ‘good’.

    I admit to being put off by errors and even try to go back to correct my own, when I catch them. But, for the most part, I look away because I know I am one of those who is very regularly screwing up!
    December 1 at 10:31am · Like

    Saul Goldberg Well, yes, Donna. Howsomever, you gotta know the basix befo’ you can improvisise. Like doing straight lines before comedy; walking before running; and, like, well knowing how something is spelt first before you can intentionally misspeel it. Goddit? QED.
    December 1 at 1:45pm · Like

    Kate Brett Lewis Shakespeare – the greatest word makerupper ever.
    December 1 at 3:47pm · Like
    Lisa Cherkasky exceptioninspirationallystupendificous
    December 1 at 9:37pm · Like

    John Hammill Someone should use this on whatever underachieverizer who made up and used Heroizing first.

    Shakespeare Insults Generator
    Visit this site dedicated to William Shakespeare including a Shakespeare Insults…
    See More
    3 hours ago · Unlike · 1 ·

    Donna Belleson I hate to say it, but I plan to use heroizing in the future…jus cuz. More efficient than hero worship … one word too many and it takes the idea in an unnecessary direction.
    2 hours ago · Like

    John Hammill Well would you heroize me then? I am insecure–and effing heroic.
    2 hours ago · Like
    Lisa Cherkasky I will heroicize you.
    2 hours ago · Like

    Donna Belleson Sure… count me in
    2 hours ago · Like

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