Reuben Tuesday: Did Some Guy Named Reuben Invent This Sandwich?

This Tuesday, December 6th is Reuben Tuesday at the Linkery. We’ve got another batch of our house-cured grass-fed corned beef ready to roll. Made with house-cured sauerkraut from organic Suzie’s Farm cabbage, house-baked beer bread, Pt. Reyes Toma cheese, and house made Russian dressing, our Reuben is the single most popular item we make and serve.

A friend from my days at the Tabard Inn recently posted in depth about Reubens on San Diego’s The Linkery site.

When it comes to favorite anythings, my field is usually wide, but not when it comes to a Reuben. It’s the top. It’s the Coliseum, the Louvre Museum, a melody from a symphony by Strauss. A Bendel bonnet, a Shakespeare sonnet, Mickey Mouse!

In respect to loving deep rather than wide, read the post  to deepen your understanding of this sandwich pinnacle. Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Brandy, the purple light of a summer night in Spain. The National Gallery, Garbo’s salary, cellophane!

Simply click on the title above. Love me, love my favorite sandwich.


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  1. GREAT poetic diatribe from your friend at the Linkery LC. Bravo. Reubens are my weakness, as I don’t generally indulge in processed meats. But a well made hot Reuben is a Charismatic Combo. Perhaps it is the nestled cohabs of sin and virtue – hot pickled dead cow part, next to good briny cabbage and bread, sweet butter and a hearty mayo based Russian Dressing, Yavol, Melted Swiss or Gruyere and I am over the moon. I may have to source a good one this week, damn you..

  2. Pastrami and corned beef do not qualify as processed to me. Well, they do, but I would call it preserved, rather than processed. And brilliant.
    Preserved cabbage (sauerkraut), preserved meat (pastrami), preserved dairy (cheese), processed wheat (bread), processed eggs (mayonnaise)….

  3. Touche, mon ami. Preserved, OK. As Historic Commission Chair for our little hamlet (soon to be ‘preserved’), I get it. Plus we collect antiques, as we live in an old farmhouse, just shy of its 200th Bday. I DID have a really worthy Reuben on Tuesday with a few gal pals at The Marathon in Hopkinton, MA. No complaints – everything gelling well and I was able to take one half home and scarf it down when the need struck just after 30 Rock that night. So a fond “Goodbye, Reuben Tuesday…. “

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