My Brilliant Idea

In September my favorite band – I love them and love loving them, The Bottle Rockets, came to town. To DC. Not actually DC, and not actually The Bottle Rockets. The club was in outlying DC, The Churchmere, and the band was a three-piece, rather than afour. They were missing their take-it-apart-and-put-it-back-together-to-make-a-person-shudder-with-guitar-pleasure guitarist John Horton, who was home on baby birth alert.

On FridayFridayFriday wewewe were at the Birchmere and there was a table reserved for us up front, an honor that was reserved for the Pope only as far as I knew. I knew wrong. We had a table.

The Bottle Rockets do this thing with Marshall Crenshaw. What a THING it is. IT IS. Once was not enough. I wanted more of that thing.

That thing was available, for the cost of a drive to Wilmington, Delaware. Along-for-the-Ride Heidi was game for going along for the ride. And to wallow in that THING.

What luck! Wilmington is home to a famous sandwich, the Bobbie, at a famous sandwich shop, Capriotti’s,  served by men as proud as puffed up turkeys.Admittedly, I was a bit puffed up myself for traveling a distance to what I assumed was a landmark, a unique destination, Capriotti’s. Back home a day later, the world wide web told me the truth. It’s a web out there, not world wide, but widish, a web of Capriotti’s. Getting caught did not hurt a bit, nor suck the life out of us.

In fact, we were fortified. Those sandwich dudes would not let me get off ordering just a meatball sub. No sirree Bobbie, I  had to taste the Bobbie, too. Behold the taste. Tasty it was. Although, just between you, me and Along-for-the-Ride Heidi, I like bread on the outside of a sandwich. On the inside, not so much. Not at all.

I have an idea that I think is really good – Stuffing Flavored Bread!! I’m going to make it – bread that has celery, sage, onion, butter, chicken fat, salt and pepper in it. Then I’m going to slice and toast it, and load it up with roast turkey and cranberry jam. That’s my brilliant idea. There, I said it.


One response to “My Brilliant Idea

  1. I think you are onto something Lisa – stuffing flave bread. Get a copyright or trademark asap, before General Mills or their ilk abscond with it. This could be just the tip of the flavored breadberg!

    – Gia Batta

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