Loosely Aproximite

Since 1926, Iowans have been feasting on the the iconic “loose meat” sandwich, invented by Muscatine, Iowa butcher Fred Angell. Angell began franchising the idea throughout the Hawkeye State under the name “Maid-Rite” after a delivery man he’d drafted to taste his creation purportedly said, “You know, Fred, this sandwich is just made right.”

The sweetly named Maid-Rite is a bellows for fierce opinions, hunkered down in a state thought of, by those clinging by tooth or nail to the US coasts, as bland. Beg pardon, seeing true loose meat requires the steady, merciless eye of a hawk. Hawks in a caucus. Focused.

Loose meat is not pretty. Nor bland. You gotta be able to stomach the possibility of its proximity to raw meat. Cause, you know, the real thing, anything, does not spring to life formed, untouched by human hands, or by the messiness of life.

I’ll take my chances, cause does this
look like something a person would want to eat? No thank you. I prefer proximity to a few loose ends.

I never, ever talk politics here, or anywhere, but am going to walk the limb now. Could we elect adults, please, people? Adults as in people who can live with simultaneous conflicting thoughts. The loose meat stuff. You know, the mess that is beautiful and inevitable and proximus.


3 responses to “Loosely Aproximite

  1. I could use one right now!

  2. Me too. In Iowa.
    Well, maybe I want to wait for spring.

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