A cake is a cake is a cake is a cake

So a birthday cake would, were it not a cake call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which it owes
Without that title
And grant your wish undoubtedly

I am a smorgastista. Easier on my wallet then another sort of ista, and does not take up closet space.

My very own mother is an expert on birthday cakes and basks in the glow of tiny candle light brigades of scholarly glory.

“The Birthday Cake: Its Evolution from a Rite of the Elite to the Right of Everyone,” by Shirley Cherkasky is her cake chef d’oeuvre, received with exuberant interest by culinary historians and lay people worldwide.

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

Wondering why oh why we put candles on a cake? How odd. My mother knows and so can you. She is a wonder.


3 responses to “A cake is a cake is a cake is a cake

  1. These birthday “cakes” are certainly a wonder to behold, and something I would wish for on my next birthday, in lieu of a batter and frosting based version (though my next birthday is many months away and I don’t wish it to come too soon!). Your mom’s article is also a wonder to read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these savory Swedish sammich cakes! Love your Mom! The slice doesn’t fall far from the loaf, my dear…

  3. I agree that a savory cake can be very nice. It doesn’t really matter what is inside the cake, as long as it has a surface for candles. I wouldn’t want to miss a wishing opportunity.

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