Lunch is Fundamental

All pleasures are simple pleasures, fundamentally. I feel therefore I am. The eating, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, even hearing the crackle of the waxed paper wrapping, all transmit to the brain where they are turned to thought. I think therefore I am. Simply fundamental.

Gravy, the newsletter for the  Southern Foodways Alliance is downloadable here. Mine is dropped into the I-exist-because-I-receive-mail box, and it is nice to hold while reading it, small, heavy-papered and staple bound. Of all the food newsletters, it is my favorite. Not too big, not at all fancy, and as inclusive as a church supper. I read it and feel southern. We all are, deep down, are we not? I think I exist, deep down. The rest is gravy.


One response to “Lunch is Fundamental

  1. From Reuben Jackson:
    In Dixie/
    Gravy is gospel ..
    A salty brown way
    Of life.

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