Getting a Little Tight

From The Kitchn

Holy Tosty, where have I been?? Didn’t know the Pudgy Pie had left us – they make a regular appearance at our camp-outs. Well, in case you’ve been mourning the Toas-Tite, rejoice! It’s renaissance is upon us.

This being post-modern times and all, without leaving the comfort of your desk, let alone burning your fingers at a campfire, you can go on beyond the Toas-Tite to Twitter, Facebook, T-shirts! Why just do it, when you can also wear it, shout it, align your being with it. Toas-Tite is you. No thanks, I’ll just have the toast.

Thank you, Magniferous!


3 responses to “Getting a Little Tight

  1. Wow. Incredible. I have Big Mama’s toastie maker in my kitchen. Wonder how it compares to the remake.

  2. Yours is superior, I imagine.

  3. Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby. Thanks for inspiring this post!

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