Jumping on the Lunch Wagon

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The Lunch Box Project

Slogging through February, with an extra day, a wintry addendum. We were not gifted with a snow day this year, a day when time stands still and the air is electric with light. The daffodils have popped, three weeks ahead of schedule they say, but my spirit has not popped with them. The Ides must have it, stowed in their root cellar, letting the starch turn to sugar, sweetening me up for my vernal emergence.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!


2 responses to “Jumping on the Lunch Wagon

  1. kitchensquater

    Lisa – you don’t REALLY have a root cellar do you? In Arlington? We do have a cold storage room in the basement of our 199 years old and counting country home, but I use it for wine storage mostly. Has a door, floor, shelves and everything. On damp days you can still get a scent of smoke and… well – roots. Almost like birch beer. Very earthy, as it should be.

  2. No:) I did have one growing up in Wisconsin though. We had a good basement then. Big enough for roller skating, hopscotch, storing potatoes, and keeping guinea pigs. We had a laundry shoot, too. Those were the days!

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