Absence of Color Provokes Colorful Commentary

White bread can be a loaded loaf. Or it can just be bread. 

White bread, like vanilla, is one of those foods that’s become a metaphor for blandness. But it wasn’t always that way.

Aaron Bobrow-Strain, professor of food politics at Whitman College, tells Weekend Edition’s Rachel Martin that white bread was a deeply contentious food — ever since the early 1900s’ ideas of “racial purity” up to the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s. He documents that cultural legacy in his new book,White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf.

Read on.

How did we get here? So many food choices. So many complex choices. When did eating become so political?

The last hundred years of so, as food and politics have become closer and closer bedfellows, stuck as tight as cheese on grilled bread, every cent one spends on food becomes more of a statement. Your voice is in your wallet. Read up and then speak up. With authority and thrift.


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