A Man Meal

Photo by Dan Whipps

Make Me a Manwich!

Please make the man salty and smoky, seasonal and ripe, tough enough to stand up to pumpernickle, tender enough to yield to one’s bite. Dress him up with green leafy stuff and serve with chips. Then  draw me a cold one to wash him down.

Double entendre much, dear? Oh dear.

One response to “A Man Meal

  1. Some manwiches won’t wash down with a cold one. The strong ones won’t wash down. And, regardless of political/social correctness, let’s talk about the absence of a womanwich (-witch?). We need a good definition of one of those. Possibly with plenty of hot sauce, and I’ll take some Mexican molé on top. Then I’ll try to wash it down with a strong Margarita. Or two!
    – Snoops

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