There is a deli renaissance in our future and I hope it rolls over us all in a big way. Stalzy’s in Madison, Wisconsin, is a beacon of delis to come, a rebirth of what was beloved and has been (nearly) lost.

At Stalzy’s they corn their own beef, and make their own pickles, and pastrami and rye bread. Oooh. An outfit of such deep endeavors can do no wrong by me. None. 

Based in technique and tradition, Stalzy’s mission is to create real, hand-crafted food from scratch. We support hard working local businesses and purveyors by using Wisconsin products & services whenever possible. Embracing an ideal that has seemingly disappeared from our culture, we take the time to do things correctly, providing you with the finest products we can create. From the moment a raw ingredient enters our kitchen, to the moment a finished product is placed at your table, there is one message that we hope is noticed and understood. We take great pride in what we do.

2701 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 | phone: 608.249.7806 | hours: Monday – Saturday 7:30am-9:00pm Sunday 7:30am-2:00pm

Want to witness  an epic battle, up close and personal? The angels versus the devils in  hand-to-hand combat. Raise a child. Watch them break your heart with sweetness, and tear your heart out with worry. Till you are reduced to dust.

Here he sat, like an old man engrossed in the paper, distancing himself from the goofy, giggly, gaggle. Girls? What girls?Until the check arrived…

We did okay, on our own, no boy-man as chaperone. We did okay. Stalzy’s had us at .


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