Greasy Fingers

Vegan food makes me nervous. And gluten free, too. I’ll take my food with all the parts, the whole dog and pony show, all the bells and whistles. Meat, butter, bread, cheese. I’ll take it in broad strokes. Don’t wanna break it down to a sludge test, dissecting and rejecting.

That’s just me. You, a person, or persons, anyone could and should do whatever you/they want. Not that they/you asked for my permission. You didn’t? Oh yeah, you didn’t.

It’s just food after all. Just the thing that binds and bonds us, ties and minds us, makes us who we are, individually, autonomously and en masse. It’s just food. So yeah, each speck and spectral counts, doesn’t it? Each part and particle.

I had lunch at Sticky Fingers and it was deluxhiouss. A grilled cheese with soy cheese. Who’s to say that that is not cheese? It was de-freaking-luxhiousss.

So, am I taking a stand here? On the balance beam? Cheese is cheese is cheese, yes? I don’t know. It’s a greasy, non-buttery, slippery slope. Have we evolved beyond animal foods? My visceral self says no. En Oh. Time will tell.

And then there is the baconless, hamfree club. How do they do that? And do we want them to? I dunno. Weigh in, people!


7 responses to “Greasy Fingers

  1. 2 words: millionaire’s bacon.

    Had some last week in SF – un-f-in-believable;

  2. I’m gonna take my chances and keep eating like my Big Mama Tillie. A daily cookie or two and a handful of potato chips in addition to daily balanced meals. Plenty of fruits and veggies. As much from scratch as possible. And none of that margarine bull****. Butter is where it’s at.

  3. I’m weighing in….. a little more than 225 these days…… hope to change that soon. I’ve got 2 kids. One who smothers every sandwich she eats in mayo or ranch dressing. Another who puts nothing at all on them. Meat, cheese and bread. Nada mas. I’ve learned to accept them and their unusual sandwich condimentary habits for what they are. Thankfully my days of being obliged to make them lunch are coming to a close. Those giant globs of mayo really did make me gag sometimes. Thin spreads people! As for me, I’m still a 47 year old kid who puts potato chips on my sandwiches.

  4. One word: Butter.
    Another word: Bacon.

  5. Hey Sundown! So nice to see you here at the Lunch Encounter. Pull up a chair and let me fix you a sandwich – light on the mayo and don’t forget the chips! My son eats his sandwiches plain, too. I don’t know how he chokes them down:)

  6. paula levin-alcorn

    One word: Butter – I agree.
    Another word – Facon Bacon, baby!!! OK – that’s 3 words. Sorry – I love pigs – they are too cute. And I am looking forward to my upcoming lunchdate at Sticky Fingers.
    If there is a way to make it just as yummy without hurting any adorable barnyard friends, bring it on!!!!
    We don’t need no stinkin’ animals!

  7. We do need some stinkin’ animals. We need Arlington chickens! In a cute coop. Eggs eggs eggs!
    I wonder, if humans had never eaten pigs to begin with, would we still crave bacon?
    Pigs are cute. Super cute. Love ’em. Even the monster mama pigs.

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