A Triumph Over Death

is the egg.

By Miriam Rubin

At sundown on Friday, April 6, Passover will begin as Jews all over the world gather around dining tables. They’ll light festival candles. They’ll read ancient prayers and passages from the Haggadah. They’ll sit at tables set with gleaming silver, pressed linens, Grandmother’s china, or maybe just a hodgepodge of plates. Each place will have a wine glass, because drinking wine or grape juice is an essential element of the ceremony. Read on here.

And for all of us, celebrating Passover or not, the surging renewal of spring is upon us and the egg is triumphant.



4 responses to “A Triumph Over Death

  1. paula levin-alcorn

    Oy vey that looks delish – except for the bread part. 😦
    It’s ok – I still consider you an honorary MOT. 🙂

  2. Thinking, thinking….MOT……???
    Does that mean I have to forfeit my honorary status???

  3. paula levin-alcorn

    Member Of the Tribe, hon!!!
    Happy Grilled Cheese Day!!!!!

  4. Oh well, of course! Anyway, I didn’t eat the bread:) We did, however, have matzobrei two nights in a row. I made it one night, Teddy the next. I have finally discovered the key. Lots and lots of butter! Whoa. Delish!

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