They Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CheeseWhiz in Whizconsin

This just in from Dry-Witted Correspondent John in Green Bay:

The New Glarus Hotel in the New York Times

This is an interesting article and I am forwarding it because of the mention of the sandwich available at Puempel’s Tavern at the end. Limburger, onion and braunschweiger on rye for $5.00. You could wash it down with a cold Spotted Cow. I just devoured aged brick and onion on rye and I fear I smell like a dog that has been sniffing and nibbling on aged roadkill.

I want to go to P*****l’s Tavern, but I cannot bring myself to say it out loud. One of those words that make me cringe, along with c**p, b**t, and z*t, all common and all favored by 11-going-on-12-year-old boys. Don’t these boys have imaginations? Oh, of course they do, and imagining anything the teensiest bit disgusting is pure pleasure. What part of the brain is in charge of this function, and how does it assist us in staving off extinction?

Limburger, braunschweiger and onion. Why is this a triumvirate of deliciousness for me, and disgusting – not in a good way – for my son?

BBC Science examines disgust on their Science/Human Body and Mind page. I found this article fascinating, and revolting. I tried to read it without seeing the pictures, which was impossible. Now those images are implanted in the disgust center of my brain. Take my advice, if you are going to click on the BBC link,  have your 12-year-old read the piece aloud to you.

A few quick excerpts:

Disgust might be genetic; hard-wired in our brains and imprinted on our biological code by millions of years of natural selection….The things people consistently find disgusting also make us ill….Upbringing plays an important role in determining what we find disgusting. 

Another vital trigger is our sense of smell. Smell causes such a powerful response in the brain that the US Army has been trying to develop a stink bomb with an odour foul enough to be used for riot-control. 

Anything that reminds us we are animals elicits disgust. Disgust functions like a defence mechanism, to keep human animalness out of awareness….The word ‘yuck’ is similar in languages all over the world. It seems to be a proto-word.

O. K. Got it. And the word Yum, is it not a proto-word? I say yes, based on my vast research.


3 responses to “They Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CheeseWhiz in Whizconsin

  1. Couldn’t let this post pass without plugging Baumgartner’s in Monroe, WI. Best cheese sandwiches in the state, hands down. Going to their web site makes me want to order some for delivery but I know it wouldn’t taste the same. Best to eat it on location in my cheesy homeland!

  2. Thank you, Ellen! I’m going to put this in the directory, and also make a point of visiting in August. Baumgartner’s is new to me. Shame on me:)

  3. Wow, my humble recommendation made the banner of Lunch Encounter! I final have something worthwhile to put on my tombstone 😉

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