Slipping Into the Slope

Crossing over into Brooklyn a person expects to be showered with fairy dust. Hipster fairy dust. It’s not like that. We were showered with love, deep and abiding, and walked on a tack-sharp sunny morning to Naidre’s, the sandwich joint of choice for our deeply abiding friends Janie and Adrienne.

Naidre’s is on bustling 7th Ave, in the slope, yo. Breakfast, lunch and din din, indeedie. We bridged breakfast and lunch. Eggs and wiches, baby.

And here is Janice Pullicino, people, proprietress. She let me take her damn  picture! Get your fine frame in there, order up a deluxcup of Counter Culture Cap and have her punch yer card. Lucky 13 cup on the house! Let ’em fix you a damn fine cuppa, yo!


3 responses to “Slipping Into the Slope

  1. Just back from Portland (Maine).
    Nosh is the site of some outrageous ‘wiches, but I loved (and was slightly sickened by – you grease monkeys will understand) Nosh’s famous “bacon-dusted french fries.” Bleu cheese dip, or jalapeno marinara dip. 4 hours later, still in recovery mode. The dust is white, not bacon-colored. Fat dust? Oh my.

  2. They have the great tagline! If it were my place I’d change it to “Eat. Drink. Sing. Smile.” Though I guess they don’t want anyone singing while they chew. 🙂

  3. Nosh looks delish, yo! You haven’t really eaten unless you feel slightly sick:) Thanks for the hook up, LRoy. I’m gonna add Nosh to the directory. Care to write a short guest post?? Sure would love it if ya would!

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