Colossal/Art and Design

“We can’t do great things in this life… We can only do small things with great love.”
Mother Theresa

Why do we love tiny things? I found an ungooglable quandary. Why o why do we love miniatures? Got a theory? I’d love to see it, here on my tiny monitor. Clue me in. I’ve got a grilled cheese the size of a postage stamp waiting for you in my panini press, if I can find it (the sandwich).

Theories, off the top of my tiny brain:
1. Tiny things turn our sense of wonder upside-down and open up our “awe” factor.
2. We are all, at our most primal, seeking power over our world.
3. Dink is so frackin cute. Gives one that swooshy feeling and we LIKE it.

Thanks to Dr. Joe for the linkykinkydink.

3 responses to “Microlossal

  1. It’s definitely the sense of wonder and “how did they do that??” that gets me with tiny things. Case in point, I remember seeing an exhibit at the Smithsonian of paintings on grains of rice that blew me away. That’s teeny, weeny crazy! Here are some others…

  2. I love that the tiny plate art was on the Colossal site! (I love thisiscolossal.com btw.)

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