LRoy Inhales a Bomb

Sandwich Bomb!

From L Roy, a prodigious sandwich inhaler and friend.

I just inhaled one of the most delicious/grotesque sandwiches ever made I only eat one of these every two years, though I can’t seem to eat it slowly, as much as I want to savor it.

It’s the Egg Bomb from Nicola Pizza, Arlington, MA. I may have submitted this WMD a few years ago, but The Bomb is known to cause memory loss as well as numerous other debilitations.

Read and weep:

Scrambled egg

Sautéed mushrooms

Grilled onions

Green peppers



Cheese (American I think, but as I said, it went down too fast)

I had to eat this in a nearby park because,

– the shop had just mopped its floors (though it was hard to tell) and smelled of ammonia

– too messy to eat anywhere except the great outdoors

There were children playing on the swings nearby and I feared arrest for exposing a minor to obscenities. Whatever, part of growing up.

As Red Sox fans like to sing, “so good, so good, so good.”

Time for dessert…


2 responses to “LRoy Inhales a Bomb

  1. Printable comment from your MSMINY (My Main Sandwich Man in New York)…
    L should have called it an SMD (S for Sandwich, of course). I hope L put some Tabasco on that sandwich, as I certainly would have … though that might have singed his uvula (or nose hairs?) on the inhale. I bet L eats these more often than he’s letting on … evidence of memory loss? “Forget this apple sauce, Hoss / But I’m lookin’ for my lost cross, boss / ‘Sno great loss / No gloss, no foss, no moss.” (I just had to end this with an R. Crumb quote because of the grotesqueness of the Egg Bomb).

  2. No, no Tabasco or any other additions, that would be gilding the egg bomb.
    And I really do only eat them rarely, mostly out of a combination of guilt and disgust at how skeevy the shop is.
    But man they are deelish.

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