Six Degrees of Separation from Alice Waters

Kathryn Ivy knits mushrooms.

Suits-Herself Cindy does not knit, although she is an integral KnitWitz entity. We make an entirety, an entirety on which I am entirely dependent. The knitting posse, knitters or not, are in the living room each month, living, and giving me a pulse.

So does Beryl Cameron.

One might think these people know a little something about the glories of psychedelia. Aaaah, how beautiful and exciting. The beauty and power of nature. Succumb to it.

In December there were presents – presents!

May I never be too old to catch a thrill from a wrapped box. A gift of mushrooms. I didn’t keep a mushroom box for myself. Fungi-dang, that was dumb! Could the loca-santa bring me one in 2012?

Back to the Roots Mushroom Kits

Do not know about the others, but Suits-Herself Cindy cultivated her shrooms in a box. In lieu of oyster mushrooms in bloom in my room, spora-flora rose in pixels here. Thank you, Cindy.
In her words: Here is a funny serendipitous thing about the mushroom gardens that you gave us.
We had the Freshfarm Markets (Cindy manages the Crystal City market) holiday lunch yesterday at Restaurant Nora.

(I cooked for Nora Pouillon in the late seventies when she first opened this place. She’s become an icon, deservedly imo, and is an enigma to me, unclassifyable, a magnificent way to be.)

I was talking about the mushroom gardens and how cool they were. I was sitting next to the teacher at Watkins Elementary school who teaches the fantastic food program there. She was thinking maybe they would grow mushrooms in the winter.
The conversation moved on to reveal that Alice Waters is visiting the school today and meeting with her.
And then, it turned out that Alice Waters funded the mushroom garden business startup. The guys were graduates from Berkeley.

So, there was much discussion. Small world. I love those food people.
Sadly, as much as Freya – (Jon and Cindy’s daughter, whose sparkle will make you want a gaggle of girls to inhabit your life) liked growing the mushrooms, she was not terribly interested in eating them.

“More for us!” said Jon.

Second harvest! Those fertile fungi regrew.

Really, the pictures speak for themselves, said Cindy.

Tru, they du.


2 responses to “Six Degrees of Separation from Alice Waters

  1. Anne Perkinson

    Love this!

  2. So glad you do. Thanks for saying so!

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