I Like My Terra Firma

Made of Winn

Earth Day originated in Wisconsin, the center of my universe.

As I have said before and often, “ME! ME! ME!”



3 responses to “I Like My Terra Firma

  1. That’s an adorable portrait of young Lisa. The same smile!

  2. Love that artwork. Here’s a bit if my own in honor of Earth Day.
    Ode to Gaylord Nelson

    From the sky overhead,
    To the soil below.
    From the oceans blue and wide,
    To mountains capped with snow.

    Trees with their leaves of green,
    And grass that sways and blows.
    Birds, fish and butterflies,
    Red, black, white and yellow.

    We have but one home–Earth,
    A truth Ma Nature knows.
    So walk with a mindful step,
    And easy as you go.    

  3. Yes, easy as you go. How nice. And an ode to Gaylord Nelson. How lovely. I’m going to send it to my dad (who worked for him for many years) and to his wife and daughter. Thank you, Ellen!

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