Does This Cheeseburger Make Me Look Crafty?

The palette of patty toppings is seemingly limitless. Beef ain’t bland, but we love to luxe it out. We get all crafty and s**t, embroidering here, crocheting there, adding bits of this and that.

The Cheese & Burger Society knows all about it. You oughta see the lilies, lace, lilacs and doilies they’ve got dangling and draping all over those dripping burgers. Spectacular! Crafty bastards, look out! Yo gabba gabba hey, you’ll be digging through your cheese drawer to trick out your grilled fancies in the blink of a briquet. So click on the  link, yo! CLICK! Exceptionally clever and charming site. I’m telling you!

And while yer at it, Eat Wisconsin Cheese, hey! It goes with everything, particularly ridiculous croqueted frocks. Holy goldyfrocks, cheeseman!

Holy crocheted-doily, Craftzine‘s done it now.


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