Between a Rock and a Hard Roll

WWIDW (What Would I Do Without) JAF, MMSMINY (My Main Sandwich Man in New York) who sent me this story? I shudder to think.



Holy Mothers of Invention this is not your parents outdoor rock and roll.

Pork Belly, Lobster and, Yes, Music

Had it in mind to work towards world peace with mindless eating, as in, don’t think about it, just eat it. Turn your mind and body towards all things edible. Why oh why would it not be good if people, any people, eat it, crave it, love it, grow it, cook it, share it, dream of it, wash up after making and eating it? Why oh why?

Uh oh, here she comes again with that rant on, “I’ll have what you’re serving.”

My idea was, put people together, young people, the amoebas, the unformed, amorphous blobs who are defining themselves by what they don’t like and what they don’t eat. Have them cook for one another, and then eat it, together, without thinking, no refusing allowed. No comments other than thank you very much, this is delicious, thank you for sharing your food with me, thank you for showing me about yourself and your culture.

That was my idea, my move towards world peace, one meal at a time. Thought I might apply for some grants. Write a book. Conduct workshops. Guru it.  Apparently my idea is NOT needed. Look what these people are eating. Wowee. Everything. Oh to be young again. These people are eating circles around  me.

I’ll have what they’re eating. And mind you don’t call me ma’am!


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