Roti Rodeo

Suits-Herself Cindy went to Charleston and reported back.

So, I think the Roti Rolls people are really cool. I like that they do “farm to truck” food. And that they serve underutilized meats like neck and tongue. And underutilized vegetables like turnips and radishes. The fact that most sandwiches are served with a fried egg on top doesn’t hurt either.

All of my family (closed-minded to food at times) claimed to “hate” kimchee. Yet they thought my sandwich was yummy. So HA. Score one for kimchee.

Also, here is the menu board for roti rolls. They were delish, just like the board says!

My Giddy-Up sandwich was delicious. I liked the whole idea so much that I had some thoughts about seeing if they wanted to expand their business into the DC metro area. I think they’d do well here, but I am probably not the right person to run a food truck.

Anyway, here are some more photos of the fantastic Roti Rolls farm market stand and a link to their web site.

I heart roti rolls (and who wouldn’t?).

Why she is not the right person to run a food truck, I do not know. Am I? I would love to give it a roll.


2 responses to “Roti Rodeo

  1. Food trucks gone wild. This weekend is the Boston Food Truck Festival, only one of many on the tour:
    Are food trucks here to stay or just the latest foodie obsession?

  2. I think they are here to stay, don’t you? I want to see a food truck demolition derby sometime. Now that would be a food fight.

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