Smells Like Cheese Spirit

What was that silly book that came out about ten years ago that chronicled serendipity and accorded coincidence with cosmic omniscience? Not that I read it or anything. Had I read it, my disdain would lack the joy associated with ignorance.

At any rate, I’m getting the feeling that macaroni and cheese sandwiches are about to become a “thing”.  Just a hunch.

Sandwich nerds – snerds, you know who you are – you read it here first. Watch this site for further sitings. My radar tells me that a tipping point is upon us – mac and cheese tipping and dripping into, onto and over bread. Mark my werds.


5 responses to “Smells Like Cheese Spirit

  1. How about a hot dog with M&C?
    Had two Friday night here:

    Felt so good/bad.

  2. See! Check out today’s post. You are all over this trend, LRoy!

  3. You’re in NY, you lucky (hot) dog. Is Ditch Plains an actual place? Why is that restaurant called Ditch Plains?

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