The Proof is in the Macaroni

The Watchung Delicatessen is a thing, thang, thung. They are famous for the Bennie Mac, so I’m told. I told you the mac and cheese sandwich was a thing.



Here stands the brilliant technique for loading the Bennie Mac. A chicken cutlet is the landing pad.

There’s things and there’s things. Macaroni is amazing, no doubt, and makes one curtsy to the inventiveness of humans. Peaches we have nothing to do with, thank goodness. They are perfect as they are. Possibly particularly in New Jersey.


3 responses to “The Proof is in the Macaroni

  1. kitchensquater

    One issue that keeps cramping my appreciation of this iconic dish is – why JUST elbow macaroni? I am sure other pasta shapes would work as well or better – orichette, rigatoni, gemelli, etc, etc. YES, Tradition is tradition, but since M&C is getting such a “Mister DeMille” makeover, why not bust out the jams and play with every aspect of it? Add:

    Paprika – smoky or sweet
    Worcestershire sauce
    Pork belly drippings

  2. kitchensquater

    I am confident that rigatoni would work, being the amped up big, fluted and straight brother of curvy Mac Daddy. Rotini – ditto, as it has those deep spirals to capture sauce and cheese – ziti/ penne – tubular dudes – the straight-laced cousins of Mac who live in the nicer part of town to the north. Rotelli, which is macaroni – only longer and more spiral. Orecchiette “little ears” should be perfect with those random bowls. Shells also. Less successful – the flat guys – spag, ling, fett, taglia, lasag, papardel, etc.
    (Question to self – who has done a “Mac & Cheese” risotto? I am sure it has been done – just not sure how – using orzo?)

    Want to play with the cheese mix as well – gorgonzola – gruyere, manchego, long aged cheddars and the various condiments I mentioned, though not all of them in any one recipe. Less is often better. Bourbon only as a reduction, as I think it would freak people out trying to determine what the hey that liquor quotient in the mix might be.

  3. kitchensquater

    More M&C permutations. This from a site in Wisconsin –


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