Caution: Falling Teeth

Sandwiches rock so hard.

Rock Food – Notify Your Dentist Before Eating!

By George Witham

By Jerry Bones

By Irooshka

Rock sandwich breaks tooth.Tooth chews cheese slice.Cheese slice covers rock sandwich.

Choose Your Destroyer!


Thank you to the fine man behind the camera, John Spaulding, for the Rock Alert!


2 responses to “Caution: Falling Teeth

  1. I don’t know why but those are creeping me out and making my teeth hurt!

  2. kitchensquater

    I agree – what is with the rocks? Is this a geology sidepath that intrigues Lisa with rocks that happen to look like assorted sandwich fixins’, boith bread and protein biased?

    I think – correct me if wrong fellow midnightsnackers- Lisa may be overdue for a root canal and building up the rock-jam in front as a brace? i can’t imagine. She has such killer white teeth. Pleae advise. Thanks.

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