Green Bay, Bay Beach, Butter Burgers, Bay-bee!

She’s a beaut, a corker, a knockout, a lulu, a peach, a pippin.

 Green Bay has all one could need. And more. How many towns can be viewed from the ascent of a wooden coaster? We rode. She’s a beaut, all right. Takes some daring-do too, as does eating a butter burger, or two.

A pool of melted butter will grease your wheels for any dairy state amusement. Slip and slide, you betcha!

The Zippin Pippin is at Bay Beach

Elvis Presley’s favorite coaster, the The Zippin Pippin’s tale is a good one.

As Green Bay knows, Kroll’s has long been touted locally for its butter burgers, broasted chicken and chili. Sure, the prime rib sandwich has been a menu staple and consistent crowd pleaser. But to get picked for a nationally-televised “Best Sandwich in America” showdown — well, that even surprised manager Cheryl Dorner. And she’s worked at Kroll’s for 40 years.


2 responses to “Green Bay, Bay Beach, Butter Burgers, Bay-bee!

  1. kitchensquater

    The Zippin Pippin? How cool is that? My Nu Yawk/ East Coast legacy is the “Dragon Coaster” at Playland, in Rye, NY, right on the water. A wooden monster that has been scaring kids and adults for over 80 years. Don’t think they have butter burgers though – I recall bad pizza and cotton candy, but those memories are 40+ years old now. Ouch.

    Nice photo of you, the Tedster and his buddies, Lisa…

  2. Those are the best kind of buddies, twin cousin buddies! Teddy loves his cousins. So do I.

    My coaster experience is once on the Zippin Pippin and once on the (now gone) wooden roller coaster in Santa Cruz. That oughta do it for me. We are going to try to get up to Knoebbel’s in PA this fall. I hear it is a wholesome throwback with handmade signs, 50 cent rides and all that.

    A butter burger is incredibly delicious and should be eaten with great relish – not the green kind.

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