Heard It On the Clothesline

That Mickey’s packs a mighty sandwich. And wicked cold bronsons to boot. 
 Mickeys       Tavern  redux.      Doesn’t take a mess of kale to eat well   at Mickey’s.  “Goes good with bacon.” That’s what Jerry said about my tofu BLT, when I opted out on the tofu-bacon and in on the pork stuff.  We brought homegrown juicers. Madison    Wisconsin  If Mickey’s is gonna be deck that bread is gonna hafta be hand-torn.   Hipsters? Overrun with hipsters?   Representing! From the world of plants! From the world of animals! Tofu BLT with bacon!  Tassels, yes. I’ll give you that. Tubular tassels. Foxy.


2 responses to “Heard It On the Clothesline

  1. Great food, great people, great town! Thanks for the invite 🙂

  2. So much fun and loved having you and Ann there! Thanks for coming out. xo

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