The Stuff/Staff of Life

Just add water.

Supposably. I don’t believe it. Not one shred of it. What became of the pig, the dirt, the water, the time, the life-taking, the blood, the cutting, the HAM?

Just add bread.

Reading Hemingway

by James Cummins

Reading Hemingway makes me so hungry,

for jambon, cheeses, and a dry white wine.

Cold, of course, very cold. And very dry.

Reading Hemingway makes some folks angry:

the hip drinking, the bitter pantomime.

But reading Hemingway makes me hungry

for the good life, the sun, the fish, the sky:

blue air, white water, dinner on the line . . .

Had it down cold, he did. And dry. Real dry.

But Papa had it all, the brio, the Brie:

clear-eyed, tight-lipped, advancing on a stein . . .

Reading Hemingway makes me so hungry,

I’d knock down Monsieur Stevens, too, if I

drank too much retsina before we dined.

(Too old, that man, and way too cold. And dry

enough to rub one’s famished nerves awry,

kept talking past the kitchen’s closing time!)

Reading Hemingway makes me so hungry . . .

And cold, of course. So cold. And very dry.

“Reading Hemingway” by James Cummins, from Portrait in a Spoon. © University of South Carolina Press, 1997.


2 responses to “The Stuff/Staff of Life

  1. Yes, of course… I am browning a bit of apple smoked bacon for a risi e bisi risotto in a bit and won’t use anything but the real pork parts. How many things can food chemists make soy bits taste “like”? Real peas, herbs from my bed and such. Thanks for highlighting this culinary affront, Lisa.

  2. I am introducing a line of soy lipstick. Did you know that the average lipstick-wearing woman eats an average of 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime? I’m going to fortify my line of goods with essences that make a person crave pork.

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