Trophy Smophy!

From JAF/MSMINY (Main Sandwich Man In New York)
Best Sandwiches in the USA

I doubt the list is accurate, but it’s interesting that your hometown is listed as the home to the best sandwich in the USA.

The Bayou Bakery Muffaletta

You know when you call someone on their cell and they have not recorded a message? (Of course they don’t pick up. How last century, Mr. Bell.) The phone says, “You have reached <insert stiff enunciation of the person you have called name’s> here.” Did you know you don’t have to say your name? Of course you know that, or you would if you thought about it. But who thinks about this stuff? Oh, for heaven’s sakes, let’s just get on with it, right? Right. Buuurreeep! Wrong. You have missed an opportunity – an opportunity, people! – to make the world a better place. One teensy step, people.

Let me paint the picture. My friend Janie teaches voice. Presumably her students think about their, ahem, voice when recording. Recording anything apparently. She called her favorite student. Don’t tell anyone she has a favorite. We ALL like everyone equally, do we not? Riiiight. No answer. He’s busy, man, everyone likes him. And why wouldn’t they? His cell phone picks up and says, “You have reached the best person in the world!”

He says he’s the best and I take his word for it. We all get a trophy if we take one. Put yourself atop a trophy doing whatever you do best. Whatever YOU say you do best.  I believe you.

Jean Shin sees you. At your best. Look closely, people.


One response to “Trophy Smophy!

  1. Lisa – Too many trophies… every accomplishment doesn’t warrant a hunk of cheap brass- plated statuary, but ’tis a sign O’ the times. My last “medal” was for a window painting contest at Johnny-on-the-Spot cleaners in White Plains in… 1964. Halloween painting. Too much detail to describe here.
    Food prep should not be such a competitive event, though that mare is out of the barn with the obsession of celeb chefs and those that are drawn to a battle of pans, knives, butter and saffron reductions. Will watch for any price amping at the Bayou Bakery after the wave O fame washes in…

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