Sandwich Monday: Sagal Sandwich

by Peter Sagal

NPR – September 10, 2012

Today, a very special Sandwich Monday: Peter shares the sandwich that made him who he is today.

Every day during the 7th and 8th grade I would go into the lunchroom at Columbia Junior High School in Berkeley Heights, N.J., and unwrap the same sandwich: Hebrew National salami on white bread with sweet pickle relish.

I’ve been wanting to re-create the sandwich for years. I used Trader Joe’s Organic White bread, which is as stiff and crumbly as the bread I remember, but is a little too tasty. Fortunately, pickle relish still tastes like pickle relish.

Peter: Making this sandwich was like a Proustian flashback. I felt suddenly weird, unsure and awkward. Fortunately, my hair also grew back.

Ian: I can’t imagine the 13-year-old Peter eating this without also imagining a 20-year-old Carl there, too.

Peter: The salami has changed. It’s much blander than it used to be. Back in the day, I remember it being more peppery and redolent of humiliation.

Mike: That’s probably the Clearasil.

Eva: I don’t know if this is related, but after eating this I suddenly know a lot of Star Trek trivia.

Ian: This is basically a reorganized hot dog.

Peter: I actually like it. I did then, too. It’s why to this day I like to go into fine dining establishments and smear pickle relish on everything.

Ian: As bad as this sandwich is, I’m happy to learn the phrase “Sagal Sandwich” does not refer to a wrestling move. Yet.

[The verdict: Well, I liked it, but then again, I always did.]

Reorganizing a hotdog. What could that involve? Could it be, as was suggested by my friend Chris,“Starting with some kind of magnetic disturbance that activates the fetzer valve”?

[You got any Sandwiches Of Your Youth?] Peter Sagal wants to know as do I.

[Copyright 2012 National Public Radio]

Thank you, Panhandle Slim, for sending this over the transom.




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