Brooklyn by the Sea

At Duck Fat in Portland, Maine I see my son in these hipsters. As I type he is prying away at the grip of my fingers, soon to fly this coop for hipper environs. When he gets there, wherever there is, away from here, from me, I hope he eats this well.

We noodled out a roadtrip to Portland, interviewed our brains on where to eat, looking for a spot between red onion and cruise liner. Duck Fat girl said we’d have to wait till the middle of next week and we did. My time flew, lubed as it was with juice.

Focus your audio, folks, poutine is everything plus. It’s badass when it’s bad – with the cheap stuff, squeaker curds and jello gravy – and badasser when it’s good, dressed up posh. Local babes dressed to kill ya with fat and more fat. Sustainable, baby.

These fellas know their groceries and they’ll show you if you let em. Slip in, sit down, drink up, clean your plate. Slurp-de-slurp.

Keeping my foodist claws sharp driving tacks into the meccas. Bang, bang, bang, the greased velvet of animal fat goes in easy and doesn’t leave a visible mark. 

This shack throws babies out the balcony when it comes to panini. Decked to check, people.

Dinner that day? Yo, dude, do I look cronked? Three oysters, a gallon of water and an  espresso. Ready, steady, go!


4 responses to “Brooklyn by the Sea

  1. Your writing reflects everything about you-INTENSE!

  2. Great spot, been myself. Many great dining sports in Portlandia East. Try the blueberry dumplings at 555 for brunch. Then stop and see us in your way home.

    – L

  3. A person needs at least several days in Portland to do the tables justice. Probably more. Really easy place to visit and I want to get back there soon, with a swing by to fetch the three of you. We could sample more stuff if we were five, not two!

  4. Hey Ms. C. Count me in too. I can be there in about 2+ hours and have Portlandia natives who know the town cold. I will bring aorta swabs for everyone…

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