Some Serious Sandwich Business

1058 Hoagie: Still Building a Sandwich on Par with Deli Board

By Anna Roth Wednesday, Oct 24 2012

The Bay Area has been home to countless culinary innovations, but if there’s one area where our friends back East have us beat, it’s sandwich engineering. The hot pastrami, the Reuben, the submarine — they’re all simple blueprints we follow out here, even in a city so focused on the new. Adam Mesnick, the brains behind his original Deli Board and the new 1058 Hoagie in SOMA, has taken those traditions with him from the East to create a temple to the Old World sandwich. But while his first place has become a destination for its playful takes on the classics, the new location has some improving to do before it earns a place on the list of great S.F. sandwich spots.

There is lots more to read, enough to make your sandwich-lovin’ noodle burst. Read on, if you’ve got the fortitude, here.


One response to “Some Serious Sandwich Business

  1. Good post Lisa and good, fair review by the SF author. Yeah, felafel and tuna…. humm. Kinda like that one-off joke on “The Simpsons” – ‘nuts and gum!- finally together!’ Looks like the bread has to step up to the dinner plate a bit more.

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