Probly Creatable and Creatively Probable

A couple weeks ago I drove to Charleston, West Virginia. Made a weak attempt at coercing Snittin’ Paula to join me but no dice. She did, however, slip me some undercover traveler tidbits that put my pedal to the metal.

When I drove down to Charleston to get the sailboat we passed a place in town that had a sign saying “Home of the Spa-Hoagie”. We guessed that it was a hoagie made with spaghetti. You might want to track the place down and try one.  In my recollection, it was a railroad-themed place and we were making a left turn (it was on our left).

When we were driving to Charleston we saw the 3-Way Inn, so you have one of my favorite roadside sites to look forward to. We did not stop. We had a sailboat to pick up. I guess many other travelers stop. We had two dogs with us so we speculated whether we would meet the requirement. Perhaps weight wise. If you drive look for the 3-Way.

We both regret not having a spa-hoagie.

Killing me that I have never seen, nor eaten a spaghetti hoagie. Next best thing – NOT! –  is looking around online. Cold spaghetti comfort. I did it anyway and found  Mickey’s Pizza where  is on the menu.

People, assuming they are people, type about this stuff. Spaghetti can be the thread that connects us, the tie that binds. And bread, well bread is our lifeblood, as maligned as it may be lately by some. Swaying wheat precedes human consciousness and is the bed we make, the shelter we raise, and the table that sighs or groans.

People talk about the probability and creatability of a spaghetti hoagie. A hoagie of any kind is creatable according to me. The word creatable is not, according to me. And probability is behind us as it has been done. The spaghetti hoagie endures, word.

When I googled “Spaghetti Hoagie” image I got this:

On the

Priceless freezer meal group

The group of Freezer Meal families in Eastern Utah. This blog is to help us keep track of recipes and how well they were liked.

And now I can’t stop looking at this blog. When did Tatertot Casserole become “classic”? Tatertot Casserole is what happens in your kitchen while you’re busy making other plans.

  Am I gonna eat those tots? I think I have other plans. Plans to pull the stuff from my freezer for Spaghetti Hoagies.

Funny thing is, when I google “Spaghetti Sub” or “Spaghetti Submarine”, there is virtually nothing. “Spaghetti Sandwich”? Whole nuther meatball. Everywhere. There. Here pretty soon.

PPN: Spaghetti Sandwich

The Food Network site has a recipe, should you need one. I would say this is a weekday repurpose of a weekend meal. The recipe is: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Should you need more specific guidance, the Food Network is only too happy to lend a hand and an ad.

And then there is the Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, wherein a recipe lives.

 Crazy, spa-crazy, the spaghetti sandwich is everywhere.

From where did it spring? Specifically. I understand the obviousness of its likely inception. And want to know more. Bread and spaghetti were not parallel innovations. So…?

Spaghetti Hoagie Day


One response to “Probly Creatable and Creatively Probable

  1. My kids have been on a Spaghetti Taco craze lately. We have stockedpiled massive amounts of flour tortillas to accomodate.

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