Critically Massive

Holy Macaroni, Mac + Cheesewich Strikes Again!

Between-bread critical mass.

Tried to tell you it was a thing. Thing, as in, thing being an epically benign word for a cataclysmically crackin’ happenin’. The mac and cheese sandwich.


Occurring across borders.  Inter and intra-incidents.

THE PINNACLE (see above)!: Big A** Sandwiches

You saw it HERE!:  Heister’s

THERE!:  Watchung Delicatessen

And EVERYWHERE!:  It’s a Thing Hotdogs

It’s official!: Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America – Big Ass Roast Beef

So, yeah, you don’t have to take it from just me. Not from little old lonely macaroni me. Nope.


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