First You Take a Turkey

Thanksgiving 2012 has come and gone. I just pitched the last squirrel-ravaged hubbard squash off the porch. Reflecting back now, as a mental model train hums “Christmas Time Is Here” on a continuous track.
Before you can build a better turkey sandwich, you have to build a better turkey. And cook it better. Chris Kimball, of America’s Test Kitchen, is in the business, and as-close-to-pleasure-as-he-gets, of cooking a better anything.

Perfect turkey is on a lot of minds this time of year. Maybe you eat a Thanksgiving feast reprised on December 25. If not, squirrel this away for next November.

 Strap on your aprons and ride the NPR train  with me for a few minutes. Listen to, and look at the making of,
Comfort And Joy: Making The ‘Morning Edition’ Julia Child Thanksgiving.

Carolyn and I shopped, cooked, labeled, packed and hauled for a couple days ahead. You wouldn’t know it from the pristine looks of Joyce Goldstein’s gorgeous sunny kitchen. That’s the idea. Smoke and mirrors, people, even for the limelight eschewing radio.

Styling for radio? Dat’s right. Blast and a half. Damn fine turkey, too. Would it ever make a good sandwich.


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