Tastes So Darn Good

BLTs Taste So Darn Good

As the earth of 2012 makes its final revolution I’m sighing with relief and simultaneously begging for more. May 2013 bring deeper, richer and lighter-on-the-toes enjoyment of every sandwich to everyone.
Much love from Midnight Snack


Ode to Pork by Kevin Young

I wouldn’t be here
without you. Without you
I’d be umpteen
pounds lighter & a lot
less alive. You stuck
round my ribs even
when I treated you like a dog

dirty, I dare not eat.
I know you’re the blues
because loving you
may kill me—but still you
rock me down slow
as hamhocks on the stove.
Anyway you come
fried, cued, burnt
to within one inch
of your life I love. Babe.
I revere your every nickname—bacon, chitlin,
cracklin, sin.

Some call you murder,
shame’s stepsister—
then dress you up
& declare you white
& healthy, but you always
come back, sauced, to me.
Adam himself gave up
a rib to see yours
piled pink beside him.
Your heaven is the only one
worth wanting—
you keep me all night
cursing your four-
letter name, the next
begging for you again.

Thank you Charcoal-Chicken-Jon for sending.

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