A Real Neal Meal

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 9.58.18 AMThe Southern Foodways Alliance, a hallowed outfit in this household, produces – on paper and electronically – a quarterly newsletter, Gravyread with relish by me religiously. Neither precious, nor breathless, nor kitschy, Gravy tells stories that orbit around food, a path that connects us all, rather than creating hierarchy,  competition or status.

Recently featured Neal’s Deli in Carrboro, NC, is a hop, skip and jump from Chapel Hill, a straight shot down 85 from DC, a drive just long enough to let a full-court-press appetite develop.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 9.55.48 AM
Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 10.13.55 AM


5 responses to “A Real Neal Meal

  1. I’m so hungry – I need this now!
    Amazingly, I had a terrible pastrami experience in NYC this week (?!) and need a good one to replace the memory.

  2. I had a not so good pastrami experience this week too and need to overrule that. Up for a drive in a white van, LRoy?

    • ok, about that white van… because my memory of that road trip was so dim, I had to check with James since he set this up (you said). He also has no memory of it. But everything else fits (the trip, the Cellar Door, the van) – so, pictures? Evidence? Sandwich?

  3. If James had a memory of this I would be shocked that he was keeping such close track of the adventures of you and me. What happened was this. I had a white VW bug for which I had paid $100 from the old lady two doors down. That bug was packed to the gills and I hit the road, but did not get very far. Limped back to Madison, arranged to go to school three weeks later (rolling entry), sold the car, hung out in Madison for three weeks (best stretch of my entire life) and then caught a ride with you. I barely knew you and don’t remember a hell of a lot about the trip other than the fact that you had room for my stuff, which wasn’t much actually, and that you regularly went to the back of the van to get a little something out. You did all the driving and I rode shotgun. I believe you delivered me to my mother’s front door. In fact, I’m sure you did. She then drove me up the CIA. I did not have a car until a couple or few years later when I bought another bug – orange. I wish I did have pictures but I didn’t own a camera at that time. I have almost no pictures of that era. A few, but not of you and me. Next time we get together I will show you what I have and see if it jogs your memory. I looked then just as I look now. Hahaha. You did!

    • I totally believe you, I just wish I had a better memory of the trip – sounds like we had fun! I do have pix of that era and I look nothing now like I did then (starting with the bears, and it’s color).

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