Labrador Retriever Much, Lisa?

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A new email! A new email! A new email!
Is it something good? I’m sure it’s something good! It’s going to make me happy!
Oh boy, a new email!

That’s me when the pavlovian ~bing~ of an email arrives. And, you know, sometimes it is something good. Maybe even often. This arrived today:

Hello Lisa

I’m writing to let you know that Lunch Encounter made it onto’s recently completed list of 100 Magnificent Sites for Chefs. Congratulations!

We built this list for the next generation of chefs who will soon be entering culinary programs and will need to stay up to date on the latest trends in cuisine, and know how to leverage the internet and other forms of media to get their work noticed. We think your site is a great example of how culinary professionals can use the web to their advantage.

Congratulations again, and please don’t hesitate to email me with questions or comments.

Chelsea Barber

Culinary Programs

Yes, I believe that “gullible” is painted on the ceiling and I like it like that. We may as well believe the best until it is disproven. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to go to our grave in the glow of delusion.

I checked the website and am in very good company. The blog list is excellent. Wow, there are a lot of blogs out there (and in here, in my computer). If anyone looks at mine ever, I think that is a victory against the odds.

So now I have the Magnificent Chef Site badge at the Lunch Encounter and I’m happy for the endorsement. Thank you! To all of you thinking food24/7 looks like a bright future, lord have mercy there are so many more choices and opportunities for you then there were when I hit the CIA in 1977. It’s a much bigger, much bolder, much brighter world. Grab hold and enjoy the centrifugal force!

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5 responses to “Labrador Retriever Much, Lisa?

  1. Wowzer. Awesome. Rockin. Good on you, Babe!

  2. Long overdue, congrats!

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