Newest York Sandwiches

Once an icon, always an icon. Even while seeming to be gobbled up by retail homogeneity, New York is still the tops, our Metropolicon. An American beacon for eaters, New York, with it’s urban siblings Chicago and LA, is the newest and newsiest for sandwiches.

Those who pay attention to things sandwichy have made a list. Yes, another list, in – what I believe is good intent – an effort to narrow our choices and consequently broaden our happiness.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 2.47.11 PM

New York City’s 15 Most Iconic Sandwiches

Thanks a 15-Million,  Sfeeha-Eeta-Girl Susan!


3 responses to “Newest York Sandwiches

  1. From Mr. Reuben Jackson, a man I am honored to know:

    “New York at C+ would still be summa cum laude anywhere else…..
    But the growing soullessness is chilling. Burlington is that way, too.”

  2. and where did my boy just have lunch during a temple youth weekend in NYC? After visiting the Tenement Museum? Where else? Katz’s! What did he order? Pastrami! Thick cut too – sending Lisa the picture.

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